Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in supporting the mission of the Lupus Foundation of America. Your efforts will allow us to continue our mission to improve the quality of life for all people affected by lupus through programs of research, education, support and advocacy.

1. What is Make Your Mark™?

Make Your Mark™ is our local community fundraising program. It gives everyone a chance to get involved in supporting the fight against lupus. If you have a love for baking, golfing, performing or even just getting together with friends for a good time, in-person or virtually, you can turn that passion into a wonderful way to raise money for a great cause — and to make your mark in solving the cruel mystery of lupus.

2. Will the Make Your Mark™ staff be able to help me organize my event?

When you sign up with Make Your Mark™, you commit to organizing, implementing and managing your own event. We are here to provide tips and guidance on the planning process. From event planning guides to consulting calls, we are happy to help get you set up for success in making your mark on lupus.

3. Can the Lupus Foundation of America assist in covering any costs associated with my event?

Unfortunately, the Lupus Foundation of America does not have the funds to pay any costs associated with third-party events. To keep your expenses down, consider asking local businesses for in-kind donations in exchange for advertising on your fliers, brochures, letters, t-shirts and other event materials. Because in-kind donations to your event do not directly benefit The Lupus Foundation of America, we cannot provide tax receipts for these contributions.

4. Will a Lupus Foundation of America representative attend the event?

Make Your Mark™ and Foundation staff members love being at Make Your Mark™ events and try their best to attend when possible. Given travel costs and schedules it is impossible for us to have a representative at every event. If Make Your Mark members request our presence and let us know details of their event at least six weeks in advance, we will do our best to try to get a representative to attend, though we can never make any promises. We are always happy to provide a letter of acknowledgement that can be read at your event.

5. Can the Lupus Foundation of America provide materials such as brochures, donation forms and signage for my event?

There are printable materials available for downloading in your Make Your Mark Toolkit (bottom of the page). These include facts sheets about lupus and the foundation, a printable flier/poster you can use for your event and a variety of logos/digital elements you are able to use.

6. Can I use the Lupus Foundation of America logo in any promotion for my event?

Make Your Mark™ participants should only use the MYM logos that are available for use in your fundraising center.

7. Can I provide receipts or an acknowledgment letter from the Lupus Foundation of America?

Only those donations made on-line or sent directly to the Lupus Foundation of America (this includes donations that are collected and submitted with the MYM collection form by an event organizer) will be receipted/acknowledged individually. We can provide one acknowledgment for the event organizer, but IRS regulations do not allow receipts to be given by anyone but Foundation staffers.

8. Can I use the Lupus Foundation of America’s tax-exempt status when purchasing materials?

The Make Your Mark™ team can provide a verification letter confirming the organizer’s intent to raise funds for the Lupus Foundation of America but unfortunately you will not be able to use the foundation’s tax exempt status.

9. How soon after the event must I submit the off-line funds that have been raised?

Within 30 days of the event, send the check(s) and off-line donation form to:

The Lupus Foundation of America
Attn: Make Your Mark™
2121 K Street NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20037

Do you have additional questions? If so, please contact Stacey Clark at or 202.815.7163 for assistance. 

Thank you for your interest in supporting the mission of the Lupus Foundation of America.