Meet Your Coaches 


Dan Walmer: Coach On a Mission- West Coast/ Winter-Spring Coach

 Dan Walmer is a certified Road Runners Club of America Marathon coach who has helped hundreds of runners to complete their races in the last 10 years. He has worked with athletes and aspiring athletes at all fitness levels—from those walking a 5k for the first time to those running a 50 mile ultramarathon competitively. Dan loves helping seasoned runners improve, but his passion is coaching those who are new to running, especially when it is for a personal cause. 

Dan has completed 42 marathons, the last one in January 2016. Shortly after his race, he began to struggle with flu-like symptoms for nealry 6 weeks that doctors couldn't solve. This struggle culminated with him passing out at work and winding up in a hospital bed. Subsequent testing showed that while he believed himself to be healthy, internally his kidneys had been failing from an attack by his autoimmune system. Lupus was his diagnosis. Lupus is his personal cause. 

As a person with lupus, nothing is more personal to him than helping solve the cruel mystery. Team Make Your Mark was founded to raise money for the Lupus Foundation of America to fund essential research for lupus patients. He is driven to find better treatments that will help extend the length and the quality of patient lives. Personally, they will keep him around longer to spend more time with his lovely wife Amanda, two children Benjamin and Abby, and his spunky little dog Taco.

Besides running to fight lupus, Dan's hobbies include reading, watching sports, playing chess with his son, and eating all the Mexican food.

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Tracey Cooley: High Mileage Mama- East Coast- Summer/ Fall Coach

Tracy Cooley's running journey began more than 20 years ago and since then, she has run dozens of marathons and ultramarathons on both road and trail. Her performance ranges from occasionally securing podium finishes to periodically missing time cutoffs, but persistence continues to guide her as a runner. Her motivation is also driven by wanting to set a strong example for her pre-teen daughter Josephine.

Several years ago, Tracy became a Road Runner's Clubs of America certified coach and since then, she has coached dozens of runners of all levels. Coaching has given her a broader perspective of the sport as she believes every runner is unique. Her approach is guided by having an open mind and working with runners indiviudally to identify what will work best for them to achieve their running and fitness goals. In addition, Tracy focuses on mastering the mental game to uncover any limitations based on misguided perspectives and enhance the mind- body connection. 

Previously, Tracy worked as a cargeiver for patients with a wide variey of chronic conditions. Since 2016, Tracy has worked with the Lupus Foundation of America to raise awareness and funds and encourage research towards a cure. She has organized several personal fundraising campaigns and raised thousands of dollars for the foundation.

It is this motivation that drives the Team Make Your Mark training program. Join us as we race to end lupus!