2019 Walk to End Lupus Now, Chicago

Thank you for helping us find a cure. Annabelle
Thank you for helping us find a cure. Annabelle

Team Annabelle

I’m Walking to End Lupus. Join Me?

Imagine a day when doctors can say, “There is a cure for lupus.” Until that day though, there is work to be done. I'm Annabelle's mom and  that's  why I’m taking action in the fight against lupus. Join me and our family, as we participate in Lupus Foundation of America’s Walk to End Lupus Now™ in Chicago on June 16, 2018 to raise critical funds for the estimated 1.5 million people living with lupus in the United States.

Almost four years ago, Annabelle had a rash on her face that wouldn't go away. We couldn't figure out what is was until a biopsy delivered the devastating news that Annie had lupus. Several more tests determined that she in fact was a very sick little girl who needed to be hospitalized immediately to stop her immune system from attacking her body. Living with lupus is a day to day journey of finding the right combination of medications to control an immune system that instead of protecting her, can attack her organs. Annie is a fighter, but the truth is having to get monthly labs done, staying out of the sun, and having a visiting nurse come to give regular IV infusions of steroids is not how any child should have to go through life. As a parent, it is heartbreaking to hear your child say they don't look forward to vacations or summer break, because she can no longer do all the things her friends can do. Annie is determined to win this battle with Lupus, but she needs your help.

Will you make a donation to help Annabelle reach her personal fundraising goal and support the Foundation's efforts to improve the quality of life for all people affected by lupus? A generous contribution of $25 or $55 can make a definite impact. What’s more, if your employer offers a Matching Gift Program to employees, you may be able to double your contribution with just a little bit of paperwork. Trust me, it’s worth the effort! Every single dollar counts.

Did you know?

Lupus is a mysterious and misunderstood autoimmune disease. It strikes without warning, affects each person differently, and has no known causes or cure.
Lupus symptoms can be severe and highly unpredictable and can damage any organ or tissue, from the skin or joints to the heart or kidneys.
While lupus can strike anyone at any time, 90% of people living with lupus are women. Women of color are at especially high risk.
Only one drug has ever been developed and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration specifically to treat the disease.
Together, we can solve the cruel mystery of lupus. Thank you for your generosity!

You can change a life. We are so grateful for your help

Team Annabelle

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