2024 Walk to End Lupus Now, Orlando

We walk for Jenifer #forever29
We walk for Jenifer #forever29


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       We Walk in memory of

            Jenifer  Toole

This walk is very personal to us. We lost our daughter Jenifer to lupus December 10, 2019. She never got a real chance to fight. She did not receive a proper diagnosis until April 2019. For years leading up to this point Jenifer had times she was very sick ranging from joint pain, blood clots, heart and lung issues. Jenifer had so many times where she felt like she was on an emotional roller coaster. It was hard for all of us not knowing what was going on with her.

2013 Jenifer was hospitalized with 3 blood clots. 23y

2015 Jenifer had to have her mitral valve replaced. 25y

Off and on she would be in the hospital with what they thought was pneumonia. However,  that's not what it was. No one really looked at her record to see how many times she had it. October 13th 2019 Jenifer was admitted in the hospital and put on Life support. While in the hospital, Jenifer had 4 strokes, countless blood transfusions and several sessions of plasmapheresis along with kidney dialysis. It was attacking her blood, lungs, kidneys and her brain. She fought with everything she had for 58 days. At times when she would wake she was aware of what was going on, other times she was lost and confused as to what was happening.

Jenifer never did come off life support. December 10th 2019, she lost her battle at the age of 29.

Did you know?

  • Lupus is a mysterious and misunderstood autoimmune disease. It strikes without warning, affects each person differently, and has no known causes or cure.
  • Lupus symptoms can be severe and highly unpredictable and can damage any organ or tissue, from the skin or joints to the heart or kidneys.
  • While lupus can strike anyone at any time, 90% of people living with lupus are women. Women of color are at especially high risk. 

Together, we can solve the cruel mystery of lupus. Join our team today and support our efforts! 


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