2023 Walk to End Lupus Now, Orange County

South Bay Squad

Welcome to my fundraising team page.

Imagine a day when doctors can say, "There is a cure for lupus". Until that day though, there is work to be done. That's why we are taking action in the fight against lupus. Join us as we participate in the Lupus Foundation of America's Walk to End Lupus Now® to raise critical funds for the estimated 1.5 million people living with lupus in the United States. And I, Sami Clark, am 1 of those people. 

Will you join my team, South Bay Squad, and help us reach our fundraising goal? You’ll be supporting the Foundation's efforts to improve the quality of life for all people affected by lupus. You can also support by making a secure contribution on our walk page. Every single dollar counts!

Sami's Story: Diagnosed at age 17

My entire childhood I was always nonstop, playing sports. However, as I entered my senior year of high school, I started to have pain throughout my body. Playing soccer grew more and more difficult. My athletic trainer eventually advised me to visit a doctor because having both hips and knees hurting was more serious than just soccer preseason kicking my butt.

A few months later I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Losing weight, energy and hope, I just barely made it through high school graduation day before ending up in the hospital too many times to count. Watching my friends go off to freshman year of college, I didn't think I'd ever be able to have that college experience I always dreamed. At 80 pounds and unable to even walk to the kitchen without pain, leaving home was the last thing I could imagine. One of my first hospital visits, I remember a doctor telling me I was never going to play soccer again. My mom kicked him out of the room and told the hospital we wanted a new doctor. What type of heartless person would tell a scared 17-year-old that she can't ever play her favorite sport again. From that moment on I was determined to get better, and back to the soccer field. After a year of helplessness, I found a doctor who believed in me and told me that lupus should not stop me from a life. We found the correct medications after trial and error and she helped me slowly gain hope again that college was in my future.

The following year I attended Saint Joseph's University, and even lived in the dorms! After four years of studying, I graduated with a B.S. in Sports Marketing. It was not an easy ride. I still ended up in the hospital throughout college because I would push myself to finish out a semester when I knew my body was screaming REST! However, it taught me to really learn my body's signs. I was determined to make it in the real world. After numerous internships, I worked my way across the country from Philadelphia to Los Angeles to put my degree to use in the Sports & Entertainment World. More importantly, 12 years later I found myself back on the soccer field!

Together, we can solve the cruel mystery of lupus. Join our team today and support our efforts! 


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