2023 Walk to End Lupus Now, Los Angeles

JB's Sweetpeas

For the past nine years Team JB's Sweetpeas has been an avid participant in the Walk to End Lupus Now! Commemorating the lupus warriors that we have lost, and celebrating those who continue to fight on. Our team is dedicated to bringing awareness to this mysterious disease, while simultaneously raising funds to find a cure. Please save the date and look out for updates regarding the Walk to End Lupus being held on 09/30/2023 at LA LIVE Downtown at 4:00pm.
We walk for our friends, our family, and the 1.5 million people living with the disease. We walk in memory of our aunt and lupus warrior, Varner Dickerson, Kristal, L.H. Cynthia H., Aaliyah Brown, Eusebio "Tino" Mendez, F. Murphy. We continue to keep fighting/walking with our very own lupus warrior/mother Jackie Brown, who has been living with lupus for the past 32 years. Lupus is a mysterious and misunderstood autoimmune disease; it strikes without warning, affects each person differently, and has no known causes or cure. Lupus symptoms can be severe and highly unpredictable and can damage any organ or tissue, from the skin or joints to the heart or kidneys.

We are committed to spreading awareness of this autoimmune disease and raising money to find a cure. We ask that you join us in support of the Lupus Foundation of America, and the Foundation's efforts to improve the quality of life for all people affected by lupus. Any and all contributions would certainly make a difference and would help us reach our goal. Every single dollar counts!!


JB's Sweetpeas

Thank you for your continuous support!


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