2022 Walk to End Lupus Now, NYC


To those who don't know.. LUPUS is an autoimmune illness meaning the body attacks itself. It has no known cause or cure.. yet!

At the age of 12 I was diagnosed with this awful disease. Unfortunately my body decided to attack my kidneys which resulted in renal failure and 7 years of dialysis. I started doing the Walk to End Lupus because, after 10+ years of hiding it from most of my friends, I finally had the courage to say "I have lupus".

I'm tired of pushing myself more than I should because others don't get it. Tired of fighting pain, nausea, extreme exhaustion and other symptoms just to seem "normal". Tired of living my life in doctor's offices, hospitals... seeing yet another specialist .. this bloodwork; that lab; another scan or test.
But I'm also tired of people not understanding us and not knowing enough about LUPUS and what we have to live with. And so it makes me want to fight to keep sharing and raising awareness. It gives me a purpose and reason to keep going so that, through awareness, we can get better research and hopefully one day say, "I USED TO HAVE LUPUS! "

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#LupusAwareness #WalkToEndLupus2022

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