2022 Walk to End Lupus Now, DC

Team Sylver

The person behind Team Sylver I was officially diagnosed with lupus in November 15, 2010. After years of uncertainty and missed diagnosis,  A regular routine at the doctors and many appointments later I was diagnosed with Lupus. My biggest fear is "How do I deal with the daily pains that I am having, will I be able to take care of my daughters and will I be able to live a normal life ? I have started to have hair extreme hair and weight loss. My biggest struggle is learning to live with lupus on a daily basis, and accepting the fact there is no cure for this disease. 12 years later I am A mom of 2 amazing  girls 13 & 4 years old. My symptoms having taken me on a roller coaster but I must say. I have met some of the most amazing Sisters and Brothers who are battling Lupus, I have been able to voice my views and also help others. I have one of the best support system ever My family and friends are awesome. Their support has given me strength and courage to accept my life with lupus. This past year with COVID has been extremely hard on us all. The lupus foundation of America DMV Chapter helps us all in so many ways from sport groups to seminars to so much more in between. 

ITS BACK!!!! ! I am excited to have you as  a part of this amazing day and that we will be able to gather IN-PERSON this year.   Im Asking that you spend the morning of Saturday October 1,  2022 with me as we paint DC PURPLE In every shade of purple and  walk with Team Sylver

I live with the words Faith, Courage and Hope. I know that anything is possible with prayer and a strong team . 

We’re  Walking to End Lupus. Will you Join Us. I am joining thousands of people across the country for the Walk to End Lupus Now®. I hope that you will join us either by lacing up your sneakers or by donating to our fundraising page.

  Together, we can solve the cruel mystery of lupus. Thank you for your generosity!

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