2021 Walk to End Lupus Now, Arizona

It's Not Lup-you It's Lup-us

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Imagine a day when doctors can say, "There is a cure for lupus". Until that day though, there is work to be done. That's why we are taking action in the fight against lupus. Join us as we participate in the Lupus Foundation of America's Walk to End Lupus Now® on October 16th to raise critical funds for the estimated 1.5 million people living with lupus in the United States. 

Will you help my team reach our fundraising goal? You’ll be supporting the Foundation's efforts to improve the quality of life for all people affected by lupus. You can support us by making a secure contribution on our walk page, sharing it with anyone else who may be interested in supporting our cause, and/or by spreading awareness of lupus among your own community. 

Did you know? 

Lupus is a cruel, unpredictable, and misunderstood autoimmune disease in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own tissues and vital organs. Research shows lupus is more pervasive and more severe than most people think, and has an impact that the public doesn’t realize. You can change that! Help the Lupus Foundation of America raise awareness of lupus and find a cure for those who suffer from its brutal impact.

Some facts about lupus…

  • Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that ravages different parts of the body and can  impact any organ or tissue. No two cases of lupus are alike and lupus symptoms can be severe and highly unpredictable. Common symptoms include severe joint and muscle pain, extreme photosensitivity, skin rashes, overwhelming fatigue, cognitive issues, headaches, depression, pericarditis, hair loss, and long-lasting fevers. Lupus can also lead to organ failure and even death. Most people with lupus don’t outwardly look sick-- despite the often-debilitating symptoms associated with the disease.
  • 90% of people diagnosed with lupus are women. Lupus most often starts during childbearing years, ages 15-44. It is a leading cause of heart disease, kidney disease and stroke among young women.
  • While people of all races and ethnicities can develop lupus, lupus occurs two to three times more frequently among African Americans, Asians, Hispanics/Latinos, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans than among Caucasians. Lupus is the 5th leading cause of death for women of color below the age of 25, and the 6th leading cause of death for women of color below the age of 35. 
  • The economic burden of medical costs, job reduction or loss, and work disability is experienced across the spectrum of the lupus community and at even higher levels among populations disproportionately affected by the disease. One-third of people with lupus are on work disability. By 15 years after diagnosis, 51% have stopped working. 
  • Lupus can be expensive to live with and treat. The average annual direct and indirect costs incurred by a person with lupus exceeds $21,000 annually, a higher cost per patient than those living with heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, hypertension and asthma.
  • The cause of lupus is unknown; there is no cure. Existing treatment options are few, and many have dangerous and toxic side effects. Only one drug has ever been developed and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration specifically to treat the disease.
  •  Early diagnosis is crucial to preventing long-term damage from the disease. 10-15 percent of people with lupus will die prematurely due to complications of the disease.

Lupus is hard, but the Lupus Foundation of America is working to make life easier and more comfortable for the estimated 1.5 million people living with lupus in the United States. You can make a difference by donating to help us reach our fundraising goal and support the Foundation's efforts to improve the quality of life for all people affected by lupus! Together, we can solve the cruel mystery of lupus. Thank you for your generosity!

Together we dream of a brighter tomorrow!

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