Are You Ready to Make Your Mark?

Make Your Mark™ is our community fundraising program. It gives everyone a chance to get involved in supporting the fight against lupus. If you have a love for cooking, biking, performing or even just getting together with friends for a good time, you can turn that passion into a wonderful way to raise money for a great cause. The Make Your Mark™ program will help you to create a unique event —so that you can make your mark in solving the cruel mystery of lupus.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...
1. Create a Fundraiser
2. Share Your Story
3. Raise Funds and Make Your Mark on lupus!

Parties Throw a Party

Dedicate your wedding, Bar Mitzvah or birthday party to raise funds to end lupus. How about hosting a party at a bar? You pick the party, and we’ll help you organize your friends.

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Sports Get Active

From marathons to 5ks, cycling, hiking or jumping rope the possibilities are endless. Combine your physical efforts with fundraising and experience that place where the magic happens.

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Whatever you have in mind Whatever You Have in Mind

Ever host a fashion show? Paint your town purple? Hold a Bake Sale or Purple Day at work? Anything is possible if you use your imagination and our fundraising platform.

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Pay Tribute Pay Tribute

A donation to the Lupus Foundation of America is a thoughtful way to honor someone whose life has been impacted by lupus or to express the sense of loss when someone loses their battle with this disease.

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Our Top Events

  1 -  Tony Montgomery Golf Outing- NEW DATE SEPT.6, 2020 ($32,546.20)
  2 -  5th Annual Kathy Taylor Memorial LUPUS Golf Outing ($9,500.00)
  3 -  Olivia Isufi's Lupus Awareness Month of 5k's ($6,425.00)
  4 -  SKATE-A-THON 2020 ($6,085.00)
  5 -  Sam's Bat-Mitzvah ($2,660.00)
  6 -  Alexander and Natalie's Birthday ($1,875.00)
  7 -  The Wretched Hive vs. Lupus ($905.00)
  8 -  LFA Fall Bake Sale ($825.00)
  9 -  Team Tara's Virtual Walk for Lupus Awareness ($565.00)
  10 -  44 Miles for Lupus ($515.00)

Our Top Fundraisers

  1 -  $2,500 Personal Gift Ryan Flaherty ($9,500.00)
  2 -  $2,500 Jan Montgomery ($7,600.00)
  3 -  $2,500 Personal Gift OLIVIA ISUFI ($6,425.00)
  4 -  $2,500 Personal Gift Sam Wachtel ($2,660.00)
  5 -  $1,000 Jimmy Pelletier ($2,263.00)
  6 -  $1,000 Personal Gift Holly Pagliari ($2,210.00)
  7 -  $1,000 Candace Charbonne ($1,875.00)
  8 -  $1,000 Personal Gift Rodney Jones ($1,337.00)
  9 -  $1,000 A Conversation with Tzi Ma ($1,258.00)
  10 -  $1,000 Personal Gift Tim Jankowski ($1,000.00)