What is the Great Unknown Challenge event?
Loaded question. We are NOT an obstacle course event, a scavenger hunt, room escape nor an urban race. But we do have a beer garden at the finish line! Seriously, answering that question would defeat the purpose of this event. This event was designed to provide a truly unique experience that money can't buy. We will say that some challenges will be physical, some involve the arts, some involve the brain and all will be fun! Just plan to have fun and, trust us, you’ll be happy you did. The feeling of conquering unknown challenges is amazing. The best feeling though is knowing that you played a part in helping us find a cure for lupus!

Is this event for me?
Do you have to be in the best shape of your life? No. Do you have to be the smartest? No. Does it help to be a former Olympic athlete turned doctor? Well, heck yes, but how many of those exist? Am I too old? Age is just a number peeps. Being well-rounded with a great attitude will get you far. This event is about spending a few hours with your family and/or friends and sharing a really cool and fun experience. And the best part is that it's all for a great cause - the Lupus Foundation of America.

Seriously, what can I expect on event day?
At the start area you and your teammates will be assigned to a bus with other teams, you’ll be driven to five different locations, you’ll complete one challenge at each location, you’ll be driven back to the start area and then you’ll drink beer. Beers are $6/pint and Hale's will be donating $3 of that back to the Lupus Foundation of America! You will earn points at each challenge. Based on how many points you earned plus how much you fundraised, you'll be ranked and can win some great prizes and incentives! Click here for more details.

Where will this be held and what time do I have to show up?
This event is on Saturday, May 20 and you’ll start and finish at Hale's Ales Brewery & Pub in Fremont. Check-in starts at 8am, bus load-in starts promptly at 8:45am and buses leave shortly thereafter. If you miss your bus then we'll tell you where to go to catch up with your team. You'll have to transport yourself (read Uber, Lyft, taxi) at your expense until you can meet up with your teammate(s). You can expect to be back at Hale's Brewery around 1pm-1:30pm.

Do I need to bring anything?
Yes. Your cell phone, a clean plastic cup, towel and something to write with. You’ll use two out of the four during the event. What the heck right? Exactly.

How much is registration, what does it cover and what is the deadline?
Registration is $50/pp. Due to logistics, we won't be accepting registrations after May 17. Your registration fee covers your transportation to/from all the challenges (unless you miss your bus); a very cool event shirt; snacks and water on the bus; and experiences you'll be talking about at your workplace water cooler for days! 

Do I have to fundraise?
It's not required but why wouldn't you? You can earn clues to the various challenges PLUS some very cool gear!

Does it matter if you complete the challenges?
If you’re striving to just deal with the unknown then, no, completing (or not) the challenges is up to you. If you’re striving to win some awesome prizes then, yes, it does matter. You will earn points at each challenge based on, well, we can’t tell you. What we can tell you is you’ll be told how you can earn points en route to each challenge.

What can you tell me about the challenges?
Not much other than some will be physical, some artsy, some brain teasers and all will be just plain fun. However, you can get some specific insider information about the various challenges. Meet our fundraising benchmarks and you'll be given clues or even earn a free pass on one of the challenges. Here's a complete list of the benchmarks and incentives.

How fit do I have to be?
Don't fret. This is for the couch potato, weekend warrior and Olympic athlete alike. Anyone can complete the challenges! For the brawn challenge(s), we’ll group you based on the fitness level you select at registration. For the brain challenge(s), we thought about doing something similar but, nah...

Is this a team event?
Yes. Sign up with at least one other teammate. There will be challenge(s) that require teammates while others can be done individually. You'll be scored both as an individual and as a team. We'll tell you how points are earned on event day.  All challenges will be weighted equally and points will be distributed on a curve.  Short to say, do your best at each challenge!

How long will this event last?
About 4 to 4½ hours for the challenges and then however long you want to hang out in the beer garden. At some point we'll need to close the beer garden though...

Can I win anything?
Wait until you see the prizes and incentives for this event – click here

Is this family and kid-friendly?
Only if your kids are 21 and over.

What’s the minimum age?

What should I wear?
Very comfortable clothing...preferably NOT jeans. Let’s just say you may sweat a little! But if it's cold and rainy, dress warm as well. 

Do you need volunteers?
You bet!  Please click here to sign up to volunteer or email us at infopnw@lupus.org. 

Have more questions?
Email us at infopnw@lupus.org or call 425.336.2320.