Date: Saturday May 14th, 2016

South Street Seaport
19 Fulton St
New York, NY 10038

Thank you!  It was an incredible walk! Thank you to our sponsors, walkers, team captains and volunteers for their generosity and dedication!  It was a fantastic day filled with emotion and fun. The Lupus Foundation of America is more than an organization - it is a community filled with those living with lupus, supportive friends and family, and caring volunteers. Because of your commitment, we will end lupus!

NYC Walk Fundraising Deadline


Walk Contact:
Monica Smith

When you take part in a Lupus Foundation of America's Walk to End Lupus Now™, you experience firsthand the power of the movement to end lupus. Join us in New York City to raise money for lupus research, increase awareness of lupus, and rally public support for the estimated 1.5 million Americans who suffer from its brutal impact.

Jet Away with Jet Blue!

Jet Blue

Congratulations to our winner!  Octavia Slay

Thank you to the Sanctuary Hotel for donating an overnight stay and dinner as the second prize!
Congratulations to our winner! Tonya Morrisey 

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Team Spotlight
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Butterfly Beauties

Butterfly Beauties
Butterfly Beauties participated in the Walk to End Lupus Now for the past two years. They walk in honor of their team captain, Christine, who was diagnosed in 2014 with lupus after several years of experiencing symptoms.  

Thanks to the team members of Butterfly Beauties, who raised over $7,000 this year and over $11,000 since 2015 - great job! A special thanks to the Officers at the 78 Precinct in Brooklyn and the Steam Fitters Local 638 for their continued donations every year to the team.

“I finally did some research online and came across the Lupus Foundation website.  Symptom after symptom matched. Story after story understandable and relatable.  I made an appointment and insisted my doctor check my blood work. I was referred to a rheumatologist.  Thanks to a doctor that sat with me for two hours and actually listened to my symptoms and ran various tests, I was diagnosed in 2014 with lupus, mixed connective tissue disease and Raynaud's disease.  I still suffer from flares and symptoms (extreme fatigue, insomnia, neuritis, painful & swollen joints, edema, arthritis, fevers, anemia, vitamin deficiencies, butterfly rash, allergy to UV rays, hair loss, breathing issues, Raynaud's phenomenon, blood circulation & clotting issues… just to name a few) but I’m learning how to manage them better. Still have doctor appointments, emergency room visits and surgeries. Still have lupus. But with the help of my amazing husband, my wonderful family and my fabulous friends, I can manage it a little better, one day at a time.  Let’s continue to come together every year and walk to find a cure.” ~Christine

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